Lough Hyne Marine Research

This pictorial history book on Lough Hyne traces the long history of marine research at the lake.
Lough Hyne was first ‘discovered’ by marine biologists in 1886 and is now one of the most-studied marine habitats in the world.
Designated as Ireland’s first Marine Nature Reserve in 1981, Lough Hyne has attracted scientists from around the globe to carry out research there.


The photographs presented in this book on Lough Hyne record the scientific work of the researchers, their day-to-day living and their interaction with the local people. These scientists carried out pioneering studies on marine ecology in Lough Hyne.

They illustrate how issues arising due to its remote location and ‘difficulties’ such as the Irish Civil War and WWII were overcome. These wonderful photographs record the extraordinary people who have carried out pioneering studies on marine ecology at Lough Hyne. These include Louis Renouf, Jack Kitching, John Ebling, Colin Little, Cynthia Trowbridge and many, many more in a century of marine exploration at Lough Hyne.