Irish Famine Book

‘Skibbereen: The Famine Story’ book traces the tragic events of the crisis as it unfolded in the Skibbereen Poor Law Union.

Covering relief measures, the role of the media and the bravery of local individuals, it shows how local and international efforts to relieve the suffering of the people impacted Skibbereen during the Great Hunger.

Stories about evictions, emigration, disease and death reveal, in microcosm, the appalling consequences of the Great Irish Potato Famine.

The people who feature in the book – such as Tom Guerin, the boy who was buried alive, and the Widow Ganey, evicted to die on the side of the road – represent millions whose stories remain untold.

About the contributors.

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Famine Story Exhibition

Visit our exhibition at Skibbereen Heritage Centre
to learn more about the Great Irish Famine.

Famine Story App

Hear the story of the Great Famine in Skibbereen from Dr Dan Donovan
and others of the era as they guide you around the town.

Famine Story Sites

A map of Skibbereen’s Famine heritage sites showing buildings and streets
that have direct links to this tragic time.

Famine Sites Video Clips

Short video clips showing Famine sites in Skibbereen.