Famine Video Clips

Click on the images below to see videos of Famine stories from sites around the former Skibbereen Union

The infamous Famine Pits in Abbeystrowry graveyard and the story of the boy who ‘rose from the dead’.
Mass graves at the Skibbereen Workhouse
Descriptions of the Watch House in Chapel Lane graveyard from 1847
Famine burials in cillíní during the Great Hunger
Descriptions of Famine burials in the mass grave at Drimoleague Old Graveyard
The story of the Widow Lynch who came into Skibbereen as a refugee in 1847
Descriptions of the Famine Soup Kitchen in Skibbereen from 1847
A description of the mass graves at Abbeystrowry from Lord Dufferin 1847
Rev. RB Townsend describing Famine conditions in Skibbereen
Dr Dan Donovan helps the Widow Keating in High Street, Skibbereen
Descriptions of the workers on the relief works at March Road Skibbereen from 1847
Death on the streets of Skibbereen in 1846

Famine Story Exhibition

Visit our exhibition at Skibbereen Heritage Centre
to learn more about the Great Irish Famine.

Famine Story Book

Gain an insight into the major events of the Great Famine in Ireland
from the experiences of the people of Skibbereen.

Famine Story App

Hear the story of the Great Famine in Skibbereen from Dr Dan Donovan
and others of the era as they guide you around the town.

Famine Story Sites

A map of Skibbereen’s Famine heritage sites showing buildings and streets
that have direct links to this tragic time and video clips of some of these locations.