Great Irish Famine Sites

Many of the buildings and streets in Skibbereen have direct links to the Great Hunger and there are numerous stories associated with each location.

These Famine sites in Skibbereen still poignantly resonate today and you can learn about them virtually via videos and blogs by clicking on the map below (or download our app).

Or you can use the ‘Skibbereen: Famine Stories’ map as your guide to Skibbereen’s Famine heritage sites when visiting the town.

Available at Skibbereen Heritage Centre – 50c for visitors or €1 for non-visitors.

or download our app.

Famine Story Exhibition

Visit our exhibition at Skibbereen Heritage Centre
to learn more about the Great Irish Famine.

Famine Story Book

Gain an insight into the major events of the Great Famine in Ireland
from the experiences of the people of Skibbereen.

Famine Story App

Hear the story of the Great Famine in Skibbereen from Dr Dan Donovan
and others of the era as they guide you around the town.

Famine Sites Video Clips

Short video clips showing Famine sites in Skibbereen.