Diaspora Stories

If your ancestor came from Ireland you may have a story to tell. And we are interested in hearing it and recording it for posterity.
Over the years, we have heard many thousands of stories from visitors about their Irish ancestors. We have heard of how they came to emigrate from Ireland and about what happened to them subsequently. And many of our visitors are ‘bringing their ancestors home’ by coming to Ireland themselves.
We would like to offer our visitors the opportunity to tell stories about their Irish family history. And, by so doing, they will leave a permanent legacy of their visit to Ireland and of their ancestor’s story.
All visitors to Skibbereen Heritage Centre will be given the opportunity to submit a story (or stories) which we will share online subsequently. Each story will be filed under the ancestor’s name so it is possible that descendents of this common ancestor will be able to make contact with one another too.



The Diaspora Story project will ask visitors to Skibbereen Heritage Centre to record (on a specific form):

Their ancestor’s name and birthplace (if known).

The descendant’s name and contact details (the latter may be left blank if preferred).

Their own ancestor’s unique and personal story.


Over time, these forms will be uploaded to our website as a searchable database which is open to everyone to read. These stories, and this online resource, also enables common descendants of a single ancestor to make contact with one another.
This Diaspora Stories project is ONLY AVAILABLE TO VISITORS TO SKIBBEREEN HERITAGE CENTRE. Special Diaspora Stories forms are available to complete in person at Skibbereen Heritage Centre. They may also be returned subsequently (along with proof of a your visit to Skibbereen Heritage Centre) by post after your visit to Ireland.

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With the help of our data-inputter Deirdre, and volunteers Patricia, William and Barry, Skibbereen Heritage Centre has a database of over 350,000 local records. Many of these are available to search free of charge on the links below.