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The McCarthy Excavation ‘Backstory’

Research by the academics from Maryland University, Professor Stephen Brighton and his PhD student Drew Webster, tells us that two ...
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The Provincial Bank & the Great Famine

This building was once the site of the Provincial Bank of Ireland and its manager in the 1840s, JW Clerke, ...
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First Land Survey of Ireland

The 17th century was an extremely turbulent time in Ireland. Post the Battle of Kinsale in 1601, resentment festered amongst ...
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Drimoleague Old Graveyard

Drimoleague Old Graveyard is in the heart of West Cork. (Watch a short film on this graveyard for a tour ...
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Historic photograph taken on the morning after Bloody Sunday

With the killing of 32 people, ‘Bloody Sunday’, 21 November 1920, was one of the most far-reaching and crucial days ...
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The West Cork Graveyard Project

The West Cork Graveyard Project's aim is to raise awareness and foster pride in the historic graveyards of West Cork; ...
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Long Island, Schull Postage Stamps

West Cork is known for its eclectic mix of people who sometimes decide to take matters into their own hands ...
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St Mary’s Graveyard Caheragh

St Mary's Church of Ireland church and graveyard is situated just before the village of Caheragh as you drive from ...
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Famous Famine Letter with Links to Family of Rita Hayworth Comes Home to Skibbereen

A letter written in late 1846, which had a profound effect on the outcome of the Great Famine, is now ...
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Old Gasworks Building Skibbereen

Skibbereen Heritage Centre is housed in the historic and beautiful Old Gasworks Building, on the banks of the River Ilen, ...
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