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Abbeystrowry Cemetery, Skibbereen

Following their tour of the Famine exhibition at Skibbereen Heritage Centre, many visitors make their way to Abbeystrowry burial ground, ...
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McCarthy Home Excavation 2019

The second year of the excavation of the McCarthy home by the staff and students from the University of Maryland ...
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Childrens’ Stories of the Revolution

The ‘Stories of the Revolution’ is a school history and folklore project run by Skibbereen Heritage Centre.  Now in its ...
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The Excavation of the McCarthy Home

We are delighted that students and staff from the University of Maryland are returning next week to Skibbereen to carry ...
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National Famine Commemoration in Skibbereen

Today is the 10th anniversary of the first National Famine Commemoration ever held in Ireland which took place in Skibbereen ...
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The Kinemac – the first cinema in Skibbereen

We’ve alluded to it many times, just how beautiful it is to look out over the River Ilen from Skibbereen ...
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McCarthy Foundry of Skibbereen

Almost directly across from the entrance to Skibbereen Heritage Centre car park at Upper Bridge Street is a little plaza ...
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Creagh Graveyard near Baltimore

Situated on the banks of the River Ilen, Creagh old graveyard contains the ruins of two churches now in ruins ...
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Abbeymahon Graveyard in Skibbereen

Abbeymahon graveyard is a small burial ground situated in a quiet corner off Chapel Lane in Skibbereen. It appears to ...
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Chapel Lane Graveyard Skibbereen

Chapel Lane, also known as Kilmahon or the 'Chapel Yard', is located on the site of a Mass House that ...
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