Abbeymahon Graveyard Video Tour


CLICK HERE for our latest ‘Graveyard Video Tour’ – this time of Abbeymahon Graveyard in Skibbereen.

Abbeymahon Graveyard is the final resting place of many interesting people from the Protestant community in the Skibbereen area.

These include Frederick Peel Eldon Potter, the proprietor of the ‘Skibbereen Eagle’ newspaper who became famous for ‘keeping its eye on Russia’.

There are also many heroes of the Great Famine buried in this Skibbereen graveyard, including JJ Marshal, a Poor Law Inspector who compiled the only statistical record of deaths and emigration during the Great Famine. Marshal contracted ‘famine fever’ and died in 1849.

Dr David Hadden also worked tirelessly during the Great Famine as a dispensary doctor and his efforts are commemorated today by a plaque in his honour in Abbeystrewry Church.
And a hero of an earlier famine in Skibbereen, Dr St John Clerke, is also laid to rest here. Dr Clerke was the grandfather of the famous astronomer Agnes Mary Clerke who has a moon crater named in her honour.

There is also a revolutionary from the 1798 rebellion buried here, Robert Swanton, who made his to America smuggled in a butter barrel.

And there are many more families too whose names still live in in the street and quay names of Skibbereen town.

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