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Skibbereen Heritage Centre has a number of databases online. Click on the database name below to search any of these resources.

  Graveyard Database
West Cork has numerous old graveyards. With the support of the Heritage Council,  a survey has been carried out of some of these old graveyards.
Loan Fund Database
Records of the 19th century Loan Fund institutions that provided credit to the poor.
Estate Records
Tenant records of the Wrixon-Becher estate of Creagh.
Tithe Applotment Books
Records from the 1820s & 1830s of tithes due to the Established Church.
Townlands Database
List of West Cork townlands.
Do you have records that you want to share?
The Skibbereen Heritage Centre is always looking for new records, relevant to our mission. If you have anything you believe may be of use please contact us.


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